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Eleu Health

Hi, I'm Patrick.

Founder and CEO of Eleu Health

“Being sick sucks – true story” says Patrick Freiwah, Founder of Eleu Health. This realization came when he was misdiagnosed with an allergy, when in reality he had Shingles in his eye.

Navigating the complexities of the healthcare system firsthand, I realized the profound impact that gaps in care can have on patient suffering. Despite the best efforts of doctors, they are often constrained by limited time and access to comprehensive patient data, which can hinder the quality of care. This realization ignited a determination within me to initiate change.

I began to deeply explore the inner workings of the medical industry, from its technology to its infrastructure, and I connected the dots to understand that a more proactive approach to health management could have prevented my own diagnosis. I envisioned a platform that could consolidate all health data and provide continuous updates to highlight potential issues before they escalate.

This vision became a reality when I partnered with a team of medical professionals and researchers. Their collective expertise in health, wellness, nutrition, and mental well-being aligned with our shared goal of empowering individuals to fully understand the mind-body connection.

Reflecting on my journey to creating Eleu Health, I realized, “I needed to lose my vision, even temporarily, to see the path forward more clearly.” With a focus on enabling users to proactively manage their health data, I continue to affirm, “At Eleu, our singular mission is to equip our users with the tools they need to own, understand, and control their health, fostering a genuine mind-body connection.”

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