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Embracing Change: My Journey from Banking to Wellness with Eleu Health

In early 2021, I made the pivotal decision to leave my career in banking to launch Eleu Health, a project born from my personal struggles with mental and physical health. This transition taught me a fundamental lesson: to effectively manage your health, you must first track it. But understanding what to track, where to record this data, and interpreting its implications are critical steps in this process.

The Crucial Link Between Mental and Physical Health

The journey underscored a vital truth: mental health significantly impacts physical well-being and vice versa. This realization comes at a time when societal acceptance of mental health issues is growing, yet personal acceptance still lags. The journey to equating mental health with physical health is ongoing, with much ground still to cover.

The Great Resignation: A Reflection of Changing Priorities

My departure from banking coincided with the wave of the Great Resignation, a movement spurred by the global COVID-19 pandemic. This period of introspection led many, including myself, to reevaluate life choices, career paths, and personal health, ultimately seeking more fulfilling and balanced lives.

From Resignation to Realization

Leaving banking wasn't just about escaping a job or seeking better work-life balance; it was about pursuing a purpose and making a tangible difference in the realm of health and wellness. With Eleu Health, I aimed to provide a tool for individuals to understand and take control of their health, emphasizing the importance of the mind-body connection.

The Impact of Joining the Great Resignation

Being part of the Great Resignation has been both challenging and rewarding. Starting Eleu Health involved a leap of faith, embracing uncertainty, and relying heavily on family support. This journey has not only saved my life but has also brought me closer to my loved ones and allowed me to pursue a meaningful purpose.

Eleu Health: Fostering a Community of Wellness

At Eleu Health, we're dedicated to creating a global community focused on empathy, wellness, and understanding the mind-body connection. Our app provides a consolidated platform for individuals to track, analyze, and share their health data, fostering proactive engagement with healthcare professionals.

Join us in this movement towards better health and wellness at


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