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Creating a healthy workplace environment – Yes you can!

healthy workplace

Creating a Workspace That Feels Like a Breath of Fresh Air

Hey there! If you’ve been reading articles, watching the news, and watching some choice movies over the last few years, you know of, or may have worked in, environments that just feel better to be in than others? It's not just about the awesome chairs, pool table, ping pong table or the free coffee (though, let's be honest, those do help). It's about fostering an environment that makes you feel good—both physically and mentally. And trust me, all those goodies are useless if that’s the only strategy you have. So, let's dive into some cool ways companies are turning the daily grind into something a bit more...grin-inducing.

Wellness: Yup you knew that was coming up!

First up, wellness. It's the hot topic on everyone's lips, and for good reason. Imagine this: your company encourages you to take part in fun fitness challenges (hello, office yoga and push-up competitions), offers health screenings right at your office, and even brings in experts to talk nutrition (what snacks work - please tell me I can still have chocolate – im going to go with a strong maybe here). This is totally doable and a fantastic way to nudge everyone towards healthier habits. My only advice: take the fun seriously. Too many times I’ve seen colleagues snub their noses as if the company is trying too hard. I won’t opine on that for you, but does it really matter what the company's motivation is? In the end, you win…so take the win.

Mental Health & Crushing Stress

Mental well-being is huge, and it's awesome to see it getting the attention it deserves. Stress management isn't just about telling people to "deal with it" anymore. Trust me, I come from a very conservative and traditional industry, and even these types of industries are coming around.  We're talking about workshops to build resilience, spaces in the office just for quiet time, and policies that actually encourage you to unplug. It's all about creating a vibe that says, "It's ok to not be ok," - one of my main tips to manage stress by the way. My only caveat – don’t let the stigma of the past dictate how much support you ask for. These stigmas are going away, but if you need the support today then take it.

The Magic of Feeling Valued

Oh mamma, this one cuts at the heart of a strong environment. Its about keeping everyone motivated and engaged which makes everything in the company run better. Imagine working somewhere that celebrates your wins, promotes open chats, and genuinely cares about your growth. Actually, this part I find the hardest to maintain when working from home. Ill touch on that later in this article. From team-building retreats to regular shout-outs for a job well done, it's about creating a place where you're excited (or at least not praying for a snow day daily – even in summer) to come to work.

The Great Balancing Act

Work-life balance—yes, it's possible! Burnout is real, but so are solutions like flexible hours, generous PTO policies, and tips on juggling your to-dos like a boss! It's all about making sure you've got time for life's moments, big and small, without feeling like you're always playing chasing your tail at work. Let’s be honest, we thought working from home WAS work life balance, but in life’s greatest ironies, we now work more from our home than from our office thinking THIS is work-life balance. Not really! It just means burning out in your PJs. So, try to log off consistently and don’t forget a candle that burns from both ends burns faster.

Eat Well, Work Well

Ever noticed how a good meal can turn your whole day around? That's the philosophy behind pushing for better nutrition at work. Picture this: learning how to whip up quick, tasty meals that fuel your productivity, and having access to snacks that are as satisfying as they are good for you. And who doesn't love healthy! Ok, ok fine - healthy usually means bland, at least for my generation. But that is no longer true. You just have to find your healthy; todays options are endless. I personally love fries. Even I moved from fried in oil to baked fries. A small move to be sure, but meaningful. I get what I like and its now healthier. My give was fries, what’s yours?

Serenity Now!

Last but not least, let's talk mindfulness. C’mon mindfulness again. What does that even mean! Do I need to become some kind of tree hugging hippie. Yes – yes you do!!! If that is your scene, and your calling in the first place, why not! Otherwise, lets keep it simple: mindfulness can also mean taking 10 minutes a day to focus on breathing (you can try the 4x4 box breathing method), closing your eyes and reflecting on the day, or meditating. If you cannot fathom the idea of meditating, call it quiet or me time. Have fun with it BUT do it. Hitting the refresh button on your brain will help and it really is incredible what a few minutes of quiet can do for your focus and stress levels at work.

There you have it—creating a work environment that's healthy for both your mind and body isn't just a nice-to-have. Its foundational. It leads to happier teams, sparks creativity, and, yes, even better bottom lines. So, in the spirit of after work cocktails, here’s to you and a healthier, happier office life!


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