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What can be measured can be improved: A healthy transformation journey

Patrick Freiwah

As the CEO of Eleu Health, I’ve led our company to become one of the transformative voices in the health & wellness industry. But more importantly, I’ve always tried to live by example, and our company embodies that.

I have transformed myself many times in my life, with each transformation to get me closer to my true self. I went from a solopreneur who didn’t finish university early in my life (that didn’t go over well with my parents), to getting my MBA in Finance and becoming a Global Banker, literally travelling the world as I perfected my craft.

But that was not enough for me. There were countless hours where I felt a void, where chasing my career as my sole priority did not fulfil me. Don’t get me wrong. I appreciate everything in my banking career, but that was a season in my life.

This void manifested itself into a couple of things. I didn’t take care of my health; I put on massive amounts of weight and essentially lived a life of extremes. I either didn’t move at all or tried to work out 5 days a week – there was no balance. I rushed from one last minute transaction at the bank to another. I took on way too many roles, mostly just to give myself another avenue for my creativity and vision - in banking no less. Back and forth, up and down, get promoted, learn something else, get the high from a new job, get bored quickly, and start the cycle again. Then COVID hit and I burnt out.

I have favourite sayings. One of them is: what can get measured can get improved! As I measured my life, the blessings of having family, travelling the world, meeting people from all walks of life, to truly expanding my mind, I realized that I could no longer deny my true calling.

So, my last (for now) transformation began, at the age of 47, to become a founder of a Health & Wellness life sciences company that measures your vitals, helps you make connections on those vitals, and provides you with the education and customized self-help recommendations, so you know what everything means.

Why did I do this? Well, when you are unwell, need tools and solutions to help you, but can’t find them, you have a decision to make. You can either let these feelings overwhelm you, or if you have the means, then you have the responsibility to make sure others don’t suffer what you went through. That’s my calling, my why! What can be measured can be improved.


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